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What’s that over there?

November 30, 2009

…it’s the sight of any residual sympathy disappearing over the horizon.

Someone at the Irish FA has apparently asked if Ireland could be accommodated in the next World Cup. The answer is, of course, no.

The FAI met with Sepp Blatter and other FIFA bigwigs on Friday. What was raised at the meeting has not been revealed, though it is fair to presume Thierry Henry’s extra-time handball was top of the agenda. It is unclear if those at the meeting also discussed cheeky scamp Robbie Keane’s first-half handball which was spotted by the referee as Keane is not as good at cheating as the Frenchman.

Thierry Henry, who handled twice before squaring to William Gallas in Paris

The meeting lasted 90 minutes, approximately an hour and a half longer than Ireland’s forthcoming appearance in South Africa.

Henry’s handball, and Gallas’s subsequent headed goal, led to various demonstrations of apoplexy throughout the European media. Henry, ever the gentleman, kindly suggested that a replay would be “the fairest solution”, a few hours after FIFA confirmed that such an event was impossible.

As expected, Sepp Blatter offered a lukewarm reaction to the latest Irish suggestion to restore fairness and sportsmanship to a game seemingly riddled with larceny and corruption.

“I will bring it to the attention of the Executive Committee,” said Blatter. No prizes for guessing when the Executive Committee will report back with their findings.

Blatter also apparently drew attention to the fact that Costa Rica would also need to be included in any discussions pertaining to a fundamental structure change for the 2010 World Cup, after Uruguay beat them in a controversial playoff. How a 33-team (or 34, including the wronged Costa Rica) competition would operate is unclear, as is when the Irish are going to get over the fact they couldn’t score two of their manifold chances in Paris.

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